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Help & Tips -- Finding Information

Searching for Something

So basically, you just type a name, part of a name, or even just a few letters in the search box. Anything that matches comes up in the list. Search covers all fields: shows, networks, statuses and personnel.

Clearing Search Results

If you've run a search and want to get back to the full grid of shows, you have two options:

  1. In the first column header's dropdown list, select "All" to display all shows; or
  2. clear the "Find" box of all text and click "Find."

Sorting by Show Type

In the first column header's dropdown list, select a show type to display: all shows, one hour shows (dramas), 1/2 hour shows (comedies), or daytime (soaps).

tv graphicIf You Find a Mistake...

Oh, the horror! But seriously, we care about the quality of our information. If you find something that's out of date, let us know and we'll fix it. Pronto.


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