Help & Tips -- Finding Information

Searching for Something

So basically, you just type a name, part of a name, or even just a few letters in the search box. Anything that matches comes up in the list. Search covers all fields: shows, networks, statuses and personnel -- even key words in the project Notes.

Clearing Search Results

If you've run a search on either the PROJECT or PEOPLE grid and want to get back to the full grid to start a new search, simply click the "CastingAbout" logo in the upper-left hand corner of the page.

Sorting by Project Type, People and more

On the PROJECT grid:

To sort the page by project type, click on the first column header's dropdown list and select a Television/Film/Theatre (NY region only) type to display: all TV, one hour (dramas), 1/2 hour (comedies), Feature films, Off-Broadway, etc. To sort by Commercial CDs, select "Commercials" at the bottom the dropdown list.

To sort the page by status (casting, on hiatus, shooting, etc.), click on the 2nd column header and choose from the dropdown list.

On the PEOPLE grid:

To sort the page by Title, Company or types of Active Projects, click on the corresponding header and select from the dropdown list.

Change Region or View>

REGION: Every subscriber has a default region (Los Angeles, New York, Vancouver or Toronto). To view a region other than your default region, select a region from the REGION dropdown list. You can also view casting directors based in Europe by selecting Europe via e-Talenta, which will direct you to an independently-run database working in cooperation with Breakdown Services.

VIEW: Click the VIEW column header's dropdown list to view all your Projects with Notes, People with Notes, and projects that have been Modified in the Past Week.

And, if You Find a Mistake...

Oh, the horror! But seriously, we care about the quality of our information. If you find something that's out of date, let us know and we'll fix it. Pronto.