Because every computer/printer combination is different, printing labels can be tricky... but once you’ve got it set up, you’re good to go.


Help & Tips -- Printing

About Printing Mailing Labels

Since every printer and computer combination is different, printing labels can be tricky. We recommend printing a test page to make sure it works for you.

Stuff to Know

  • Your customized label pages will be downloaded to your computer as a PDF file. You can then print them immediately, or save them to use at a different time.
  • The layout is designed for sheets of 1" by 2 5/8" labels, such as Avery® 5160/8160. Make sure these are correctly loaded into your printer.
  • If the labels and the text do not line up correctly, use the Nudge feature to shift the text in whatever direction you need.
  • If you want to print on a partially used label sheet, use the Offset feature.

tv graphicIf Nothing Else Works...

Let's face it -- you paid the big bucks to be able to print your own labels at 2 a.m. So if it doesn't work for you, let us know. We want to help, 'cause we want you to like us. To really, really like us.


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